Research Capacity Building in Asia - ISP Book Seminar

  • Date: –15:15
  • Location: Biomedicinskt centrum, BMC Husargatan 3. Room TBC
  • Lecturer: Rebecca Andersson & Marta Zdravkovic
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  • Organiser: International Science Programme, Uppsala University
  • Contact person: Rebecca Andersson
  • Phone: 0735877579
  • Seminarium

What are the results of three decades of research cooperation between the North and the South? Welcome to a book presentation on International Science Programme's long-term collaboration with research groups in Sri Lanka and Thailand. Tracing PhD graduates, looking at outcomes and finding the way forward.
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Developing capacity for research and higher education takes time, especially in resource scarce environments. Equipping laboratories, building human capacity, and establishing research cultures at teaching oriented universities are complex and slow processes. This book focuses on the long-term cooperation with chemistry and physics research groups at universities in Sri Lanka and Thailand, provided by the International Science Programme (ISP) at Uppsala University, Sweden. It traces and gathers experiences from graduated students and other collaborating partners from supported groups. It addresses questions of if, and how, capacity for research and higher education has developed over the decades of ISP support, and the possible effects, efficiency, sustainability and improvements of it.

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