Seminar: My French Connection

  • Date: –13:00
  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 Å80101
  • Lecturer: Ralph Scheicher
  • Organiser: Division of Materials Theory, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Contact person: Samara Keshavarz
  • Seminarium

For the past 10 years, I have been involved in the exploration of how nanometer-sized openings in membranes (so-called "nanopores") could be used for the purpose of DNA sequencing. One of the technological issues that has emerged during this decade is that the thickness of the membrane is of key importance to achieve single-DNA-base resolution, and for some time, graphene nanopores appeared to be the ultimate limit in that respect, with a thickness corresponding to merely one atomic layer. Recently however, through a collaborative effort, we have been able to push beyond that, and construct in the laboratory an architecture which constitutes a zero-depth (!) interfacial nanopore. This seminar will tell the story of that discovery, its significance for sequencing genomes, and dare to look a bit into the future of nanopore research & technology. Finally, the talk will be concluded with a couple of take-home messages. (The meaning of the title is also going to be revealed.)