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TUR Ethics Network meeting: The International Aspects of the Academic Ethics and Student Misconduct

  • Datum: –15.00
  • Plats: Geocentrum Norrland I
  • Webbsida
  • Arrangör: TUR - teknisk-naturvtenskapliga fakultetens universitetspedagogiska råd
  • Kontaktperson: Thomas Lennerfors
  • Seminarium

At this seminar you are invited to discuss academic ethics and student misconduct. To inspire the discussion, we have invited Marina Makarova, Professor of the Department of Sociology at Udmurt State University, who is now a visiting Researcher at Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies.

Makarova will present the results of her research project about academic ethics in four countries: Russia, USA, Latvia, and Poland. Student surveys and interviews with teachers and administrative staff have been conducted in 2015-2017. The main research aim was to map the factors of academic cheating and student misconduct, particularly the role of individual and contextual factors. The institutional level of contextual factors has the most significant influence on academic misconduct. Following this presentation, we will discuss academic ethics and student misconduct, how it could affect our teaching at the Faculty of Science and Technology, and how we could work proactively to increase academic integrity. 

About the ethics network:

In this network, teachers and pedagogical leaders interested in strengthening the ethical aspects of education within the Faculty of Science and Technology can collaborate, be inspired, and motivate each other to work with ethics. We welcome both those who are experts in ethics in science and technology, those who have some experience, and those who would like to get introduced to the topic. We discuss issues such as why and how ethics can be introduced in our education. We discuss experience in ethics training that is already being conducted at the Faculty as well as at other institutions.


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