Raphaël Lemkin in Stockholm – Significance for his Work on “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe”

  • Datum: –12.00
  • Plats: Hugo Valentin - centrum Thunbergsvägen 3D, 1 tr, Hugo Valentin-rummet
  • Föreläsare: Mark Klamberg
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  • Arrangör: Hugo Valentin-centrum
  • Kontaktperson: Carl Henrik Carlsson
  • Telefon: 070-5555722
  • Seminarium

Mark Klamberg lectures (in English) about Raphaël Lemkin, professor of law, who defined the concept of genocide, first launched in his book Axis Rule in Occupied Europe "(1944). Lemkin resided as a refugee in Sweden 1940–1941 and was a teacher at Department of Law at Stockholm University.

Mark Klamberg is associate professor and lecturer in international law at Stockholm University and deputy director of the Stockholm Center for International Law and Justice (SCILJ). He is editor in chief of Commentary on the Law of the ICC (CLICC) and author of two monographs.