Seminarium: The Hadron Physics Program of HADES: Status and Future

Seminar in nuclear physics.

HADES is a large acceptance particle detector located at the SIS18 facility of GSI, Germany. Its mission is the investigation of QCD ‎matter under extreme conditions of temperature and density. A particular aspect is the role of baryonic excitations in such matter and the limits for hadronic existence. HADES is specialized to detect the virtual photon radiation from the transient fireballs formed in the collisions. Using pion and proton beams, HADES also studies electromagnetic properties of baryonic excitations by reconstruction of exclusive channels in pion and proton induced reactions. HADES will start in 2018 an new experiment campaign in the context of FAIR Phase-0. In this presentation, highlights of recently concluded experiments, the status of the upgrade program and the prospects for the coming years will be discussed.