Informationsmöte: Designing and building Europe's Research Infrastructures

  • Datum: –17.30
  • Plats: Ångströmlaboratoriet Häggsalen
  • Föreläsare: Olivier Napoly (CEA), Roland Garoby (ESS) och Patricia Postigo McLaughlin (EC)
  • Kontaktperson: Tord Ekelöf
  • Seminarium

The present and future large European accelerator research infrastructures are being designed and built by a network of European accelerator and instrumentation technology laboratories. Of these  laboratories CEA, CERN, CNRS, DESY, FREIA, IFJ PAN, INFN, KIT, PSI and STFC are part of a EU-financed network AMICI ( ). The first annular meeting of the AMICI network will be held at Ångström Laboratory 20-22 February 2018 ( ).

On Wednesday 21/2 at 16:00 hrs there will be an open meeting in the Hägg Auditorium about how AMICI operates in the with the following agenda:

16:00 Overview on the AMICI strategy for consolidating the exploitation of the European Technology Infrastructure 20'    


Olivier Napoly (CEA)

16:20 Contributions from the European Technological Facilities to the construction of ESS 20'


Roland Garoby (ESS)

16:40 European Commission's views on the aims of AMICI 20'


Patricia Postigo McLaughlin (EC)

This is a public meeting to which all are most welcome.