International Conference on Men and Equal Opportunities

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  • Plats: Stockholm
  • Arrangör: Swedish Agency for Gender Equality et al
  • Kontaktperson: Bengt Nilsson
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The 4th ICMEO conference in Stockholm focuses on change of social norms and stereotypes as ways to strengthen focus on men and boys and their role in gender equality politics and efforts.

This year's ICMEO theme is "Masculinity and norm critical approaches: Gender equality work with boys and young men". Challenging norms for masculinity promotes gender equality and better opportunities for all, and is especially important in work with youth. How do social norms change, and what are the best ways to engage men and boys for gender equality, and a lifestyle with opportunities which reach beyond stereotypical norms?

ICMEO is organized in cooperation with the newly established Swedish Agency for Gender Equality, which is also responsible for one of the six seminars. The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, the Swedish National Agency for Education, The Public Health Agency of Sweden and MÄN are also organizing one seminar each.

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