Uppsala Transdisciplinary Seminar in Education and Sustainable Development (TRUST)

Martin Mickelsson presents Engaging at scale: educational encounters in a South African collaborative workshop (see abstract below).

Chair: David O. Kronlid


This article explores how ‘scaling’ emerged in a collaborative ESD workshop held in South Africa in 2016. By using a practical epistemology analysis (PEA) method the article studies how ‘scaling’ emerges in the workshop sessions, what ‘scaling’ becomes and how previous experiences comes to matter. In these workshop sessions, participants encounter concepts on scaling presented by workshop facilitators, their own previous experiences of ESD-activities as well as those of other participants. Results of the empirically method have then been further analysed and discussed from the perspective of a conceptual framework of scaling-ESD-activities-as-learning. The article shows that engagements with ‘scaling’ as exemplified by the workshop emerge as transactional learning processes where participants’ previous experiences of ESD-activities come to matter. These experiences of ESD-activities form on the one hand a concrete and tangible basis for participants to engage with questions of ‘scaling’ and on the other, a canvas on which participants envision the scaling of ESD-activities.