Early Holocaust Memory in Sweden. Archives, Testimonies and Reflections

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  • Plats: Universitetshuset, sal VIII
  • Arrangör: Hugo Valentin centrum
  • Kontaktperson: Johannes Heuman
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Monday, 14 May
Johannes Heuman, Pontus Rudberg and Tomislav Dulić
Keynote: No Generation of Silence: American Jews Confront the Holocaust, 1945–1963
Hasia Diner, New York University

Coffee and discussion

Session 1
‘The sentenced to death testifies’:
The Tegens and their collection of Holocaust testimonies
Lars M. Andersson, Department of History, Uppsala University

In search of documentation:
Nella Rost and the Jewish Historical Commission in Stockholm
Johannes Heuman, Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University

Jewish experiences and the collection of the Polish Institute of Source Research in Lund
Izabela Dahl, School of Humanities, Education and Social Science, Örebro University

Holocaust testimonies in Jewish claims for restitutions
Pontus Rudberg, Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University

Tuesday, 15 May

Session 2

Heading for utopia?:
Swedish rescue operations and the arrival of Holocaust survivors in 1945
Ulf Zander, Department of History at Lund University

Tracing the Holocaust in early post-war historiography in Sweden
Karin Kvist Geverts, Royal Library in Stockholm

Hugo Valentin and the Swedish memory of the Holocaust:
Publicist, historian, activist
Olof Bortz, Department of history, Stockholm University

Coffee break

Session 3

‘A Hellish Nightmare’:
The Swedish press and the construction of early Holocaust
narratives, 1945–1950
Antero Holmila, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

The Holocaust and the Jewish survivors in the Swedish Jewish Press 1945–1955
Malin Thor Tureby, Department for Studies of Social Change and Culture, Linköping University


Session 4

Jews, Gender and the Scandinavian Subject: Understanding the context and content of the film Vittnesbördet [the Testimony]
Kristin Wagrell, Department for Studies of Social Change and Culture, Linköping University

The ethical dimension of memory: Swedish-Jewish reactions to justice and retribution
Julia Sahlström, Master Student at the Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University

Final discussion