Breadth and depth

The faculty is responsible for first, second and third cycle education and research.

High international standard

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Uppsala University covers the three central fields of the social sciences: behavioural science, economic sciences and political science. The faculty views its combination of breadth and depth with regard to subjects and areas of knowledge as its primary strength.

First cycle education consists of both freestanding courses and programmes at Bachelor and Master level. The freestanding courses comprise 30-35 percent of the range of courses offered.

The research done at the faculty is of a high international standard. In some fields, the research is of world-leading standard, for example, Uppsala’s conflict data program’s database, international business economics and Uppsala Barn- & Baby Lab.

The faculty’s activities are concentrated primarily at two campuses: Ekonomikum and Gamla torget. Activities are also conducted at Engelska parken, Blåsenhus, the Munken block, Uppsala Biomedical Centre and at Campus Gotland.

Quick facts

  • Number of full-time students (Bachelor’s and Master’s level): 6160
  • Turnover, education: SEK 360 million
  • Turnover, research: SEK 490 million
  • 17 Bachelor programmes
  • 13 Master programmes
  • More than 290 freestanding courses


Last modified: 2021-01-20