Seminar: "Beyond the Ultimate Crisis? The Mourning of Loss and the Loss of Mourning in Hélène Cixous and Anne Michaels”

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Engelska parken Room 16-1044
  • Lecturer: Prof Merle Williams, Department of English, University of the Witwatersrand.
  • Organiser: Department of English
  • Contact person: David Watson
  • Seminarium

Merle Williams is a Professor of English. Her research interests include Augustan poetry; Romantic, nineteenth-century and Modernist poetry and fiction; American literature; theories of literature and relations between literature and philosophy. She is the author of Henry James and the Philosophical novel, and editor of such collections as Temporal Transitions: What was the past, what will be the future. She is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the English Academy Review, an Editorial Associate of the Journal of Literary Studies and a member of other editorial boards. She has edited several special issues of journals and belongs to the team preparing the Complete Fiction of Henry James for Cambridge University Press.