Conference: Jewish and Islamic Studies in an Academic Setting

  • Date:
  • Location: Uppsala University
  • Organiser: The Forum for Jewish Studies and Department of Theology
  • Contact person: Lars M Andersson
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This conference is held as part of the series “Children of Abraham” addressing the shared history of Jews and Muslims. It will focus upon possibilities and challenges of pursuing Jewish and Islamic studies in different academic settings. It is clear that many scholars in these fields face similar challenges. Since the scholars in both fields usually attend their separate conferences in Jewish and Islamic studies respectively, it is unusual for them to get the benefit of the experience of the others as partners in conversation on how to develop their respective fields.

Main themes:

Relationship to other research areas. Advantages and disadvantages of different types of academic settings.

Secular studies and minority needs. How can the research driven activities be balanced against the educational needs of Jewish and Muslim minorities?

The loneliness of the Jewish/Islamic studies scholar. How do you handle being the sole representative of a field at your department?

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