The FCC-ee Project

Seminar about future colliders

The integrated Future Circular Collider (FCC) project at CERN consists in its first phase of a high-luminosity electron-positron collider, FCC-ee, followed in its second stage by a 100 TeV proton-proton collider, FCC-hh. 

The focus here is on FCC-ee, which will be a general purpose precision instrument for the continued in-depth exploration of nature at the smallest scales, optimised to study with the highest precision the Z, W, Higgs and top particles, with samples of 5x10^12 Z bosons, 10^8 W pairs, 10^6 Higgs bosons, and 10^6 top-quark pairs. 

FCC-ee offers unprecedented sensitivity to signs of new physics, appearing in the form of small deviations from the Standard Model, of forbidden decay processes or of production of new particles with very small couplings.