Elusive hadronic signals at the LHC

  • Date: –16:15
  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 12167
  • Lecturer: Prof. Juan Antonio Aguilar Saavedra
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  • Organiser: High Energy Physics
  • Contact person: Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez
  • Seminarium

Invited theory seminar

Facing the absence of new physics signals at the LHC other than the Higgs boson, one can either fall in despair or try harder to pursue them. The paradigm of “simplified models” that often has been used as benchmark to guide the searches does not describe many possible signals that are uncovered to date.

I will briefly describe a class of such signals - which is a representative example but not the only one - showing to which extent new physics could be hiding in current data, and could be discovered with a different approach. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to be pessimistic concerning the current results of the LHC searches for new physics.