Uppsala Transdisciplinary Seminar in Education and Sustainable Development (TRUST)

Aaron M Ellison, Senior Research Fellow in Ecology from Harvard will give a presentation on the intersection between art, climate change, activism, and action followed with an open discussion.

The presentation will focus on the role of environmental art as a lens for reflection, source of provocation, and inspiration for action and activism to confront ongoing climate change. Aaron will discuss two recent sculptural installations, Hemlock Hospice and Warming Warning, and whether and how reflections about environmental change presented in Hemlock Hospice provoked responses by visitors, viewers, and ourselves about "what can we do” [to stop climate or other environmental change disturbing our sense if stability] and how this “critique” in turn inspired Warming Warning as an impetus for direct action. He asks if action-oriented sculptures like Warming Warning limit the range of responses by those who experience it despite being able to see the issue from many angles. A short presentation about the work will be followed by an open discussion of these topics and issues.

Additional literature and background:


Book chapter in the Routledge Handbook for Art, Science, and Technology Studies, edited by Hannah Rogers et al., to be published late 2019: Hemlock Hospice: landscape ecology, art, and design as science communication


Short manuscript recently submitted to a Canadian journal, The Goose, for a forthcoming special issue on art and environmental activism, scheduled for publication mid-2019: Ecological art: aesthetics, communication, provocation, or call to action