Why Interdisciplinarity? Promises, Problems, Practices - symposium

Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society, Circus, invites to a Symposium about interdisciplinary research. Register by 16 September.

The symposium engages with interdisciplinarity both as a practice and as an object of scholarly study. Among the topics covered are the relations between interdisciplinarity and the research methods used. Another topic concerns the specific challenges that come with assessing interdisciplinary research. The symposium includes presentations from leading scholars from Uppsala and abroad. One afternoon session takes the format of three parallel workshops. One workshop focuses on interdisciplinary and career aspects from the viewpoint of junior researchers, another workshop focuses on leadership challenges and the third on how interdisciplinarity can be studied. 

The symposium is aimed for anyone interested in different forms of interdisciplinary research. We will hold the symposium in English.


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Why Interdisciplinarity? Promises, Problems, Practices - symposium