2019 UCBH Workshop: White-collar crime in financial history

  • Date:
  • Organiser: Department for Economic History and Uppsala Centre for Business History
  • Contact person: Mikael Wendschlag
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This international workshop brings together researchers to present and discuss new research related to white-collar crime in a financial history context. This topic has grown more topical than ever and the workshop aims to offer a ”stock taking” of the historically oriented research about the ’how, why, whom, and when’ of financial crimes (such as fraud, embezzlement, counterfeits, Ponzi schemes, illegal cartels, collusion, etc.). The program will bring together some of the worlds leading scholars in the field as well as provide early career researchers a venue to present their work in an international context. The organisers welcome research focused on the public (social) perception of white-collar crime as well as the institutionalisation of the fight against it (by the state/justice authorities, self-regulatory or trade organisations, NGOs, etc.).

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Local organizers: Department for Economic History, Uppsala University, and Uppsala Centre for Business History.
Contacts: Mikael Wendschlag (mikael.wendschlag@ekhist.uu.se) and Thibaud Giddey (thibaud.giddey@unil.ch)