Guest lecture: Retrofit Strategies for Energy Efficiency in Historic Urban Fabric: A Case Study in Basmane District, İzmir-Turkey

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Campus Gotland Room E30
  • Lecturer: Zeynep DURMUŞ ARSAN and Meltem ULU
  • Organiser: SuHRF
  • Contact person: Joakim Andersson
  • Föreläsning

Energy efficient retrofit of historic urban stock requires a methodical approach, comprehensive analysis and case-specific solutions.

This study presents a pilot study conducted at the neighborhood scale, consisting of 22 pre- and early-republican residential and contemporary buildings in a historic urban fabric of İzmir, Turkey.

It aims to develop an integrated approach to identify case-specific energy efficient solutions for retrofit strategy of larger scale historic district. It utilizes building performance simulation (BPS) model, created through the documentation and quick field survey. Two retrofit packages and three individual operational solutions are constituted by considering five-leveled retrofit impact assessment of the CEN EN 16883:2017 Standard.

Zeynep DURMUŞ ARSAN has been working as Associate Professor at İzmir Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture since 1997 in the fields of local sustainability and architecture, rural development, sustainable building design, and energy efficiency issues in historic buildings. 

Meltem ULU has been working as research assistant at Erciyes University, Department of Architecture since 2012 in the fields of energy efficient architectural design and energy efficient retrofit of historic buildings.
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