Doctoral Thesis Defence: Monsoon Paper Dragons

  • Date: –15:30
  • Location: Ekonomikum Lecture Hall 2
  • Organiser: Företagsekonomiska institutionen
  • Contact person: Golondrian Janke
  • Disputation

Shruti Rangan Kashyap defends her doctoral thesis: Monsoon Paper Dragons: Transparency, Accountability, Risk, and Compliance in Banking Regulation and Practice

Professor Martin Messner, Universität Innsbruck

Examining Committee:
Professor Kim Soin, University of Exeter 
Professor Emeritus Mats Larsson, the Department of Economic History, Uppsala University  
Associate Professor Magnus Strand, the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University

Chairperson at the public defence: 
Professor Fredrik Nilsson, the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University

Join the defence via Zoom using this link or using the meeting ID: 581 350 184.

Abstract, fulltext and more information in DiVA