Webinar: Why Religion? Towards a Critical Philosophy of Law, Peace and God

  • Date: –12:00
  • Location: Grotiussalen Trädgårdsgatan 1 (The Faculty of Law)
  • Lecturer: Dr. Dawid Bunikowski, Senior Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences in Włocławek, Department of Public Administration, Poland. Visiting Scholar in the University of Eastern Finland School of Theology (Philosophical Faculty) and Visiting Teacher in the Aleksanteri Institute (Faculty of Arts) at the University of Helsinki.
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  • Organiser: Centre for Multidisciplinary Researscj on Religion and Society (CRS) and The Faculty of Law.
  • Contact person: Martha Middlemiss Lé Mon
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Dr. Bunikowski will present his cross-disciplinary research, especially on jurisprudence, including ideas from his recent co-edited book Why Religion? Towards a Critical Philosophy of Law, Peace and God (Springer 2020).

Dr. Dawid Bunikowski. Is a legal philosopher. He completed his PhD in Poland (on law and morality: abortion, euthanasia, human fertilisation, cloning, pornography, prostitution, same-sex couples etc.) and postdoctoral research in Finland (on the recent global financial crisis as an axiological crisis: the crisis of law and the crisis of morality; business ethics/corporate governance).

A seminar organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Law.

Sign up for the seminar by email to martha.middlemiss@crs.uu.se. Zoom link sends to registered participants a few days before the seminar.