15-minute talk on Zoom: Mentor4Research

  • Date: –08:45
  • Location: Online på Zoom
  • Lecturer: Guest: Ezekia Mtetwa, visiting researcher at Department of Organismal Biology and participant in the Mentor4Research programme at Uppsala University.
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  • Organiser: UU Innovation
  • Contact person: Sara Gredemark
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Ezekia Mtetwa’s passion is archeology, writing and telling stories about people and ancient places, especially about Great Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. Now, he wants to take a further step - to tell the broader story of Great Zimbabwe using film. To achieve this, he is participating in the university's Mentor4Research programme. How does the programme contribute to realise his idea?

Join the 15-minute talk on Zoom

You can also watch the talk live on UU Innovation's Instagram where it also will be available afterwards.

About Mentor4Research at Uppsala University
Mentor4Research connecs researchers with an experienced mentor, to explore ways for transforming research results into concrete benefits for society. Researchers are given personalised mentoring and support, including access to networking opportunities. It's open to all researchers and PhD students at Uppsala University - regardless of research field.

Application for Mentor4Research 2021 is now open. Learn more about Mentor4Research at Uppsala University.

15-minute talk on Zoom: Mentor4Research