Children and child-centeredness as social mechanisms in father-to-father relations during parental leave

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  • Lecturer: Tobias Axelsson, Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, Örebro University
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  • Organiser: Centre for Gender Research
  • Contact person: Nicole Ovesen
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This presentation explores, from a feminist and critical realist perspective, whether and how children and child-centeredness function as social mechanisms in father-to-father relations.

Abstract: This presentation is based on an article that is under review for Journal of Family Studies. It explores, from a critical realist, feminist and childhood sociological perspective, whether and how children and child-centeredness function as social mechanisms in father-to-father relations, and how these relations can be understood in relation to masculinities. Based on observations of so-called fathering spaces, that is, a parenting support arena and a meeting place for fathers on parental leave in Sweden, and interviews with fathers attending such spaces, the article contributes to previous feminist research on men to men-relations, and to research on father-to-father relations and fathering practices. The article finds that relations between men, as fathers, in fathering spaces, are built on reciprocal care through four structures: room arrangements, daily routines, conversations, and embodied practices. These results are analysed and discussed in relation to three gendered patterns and processes regarding the intersections between childcare and masculinities: masculinisation of childcare; incorporation of childcare in high-status constructions of masculinities; and de-gendering of childcare. Further, crucial social mechanisms – the physical presence of children and child-centeredness – set up conditions enabling father-to-father relations to be based on care and dependency rather than domination. Such insights can be used for developing parenthood policies explicitly targeting men based on their caring capabilities.

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