Workshop: Post-Soviet Women – Ways to Empowerment

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  • Location: Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies
  • Organiser: Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES)
  • Contact person: Jevgenija Gehsbarga
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NB! The workshop will be held on Zoom.

The ongoing deterioration of women’s rights in Russia has not received the acute attention and action it deserves in Academia. Starting in the early 2000s the Russian legislation has had a tendency to mitigate women’s rights and gender equality. Furthermore, moral conservatism seems to be on the rise under the banner of ‘traditional values’, addressing areas such as family, patriotism, and Orthodoxy.

The purpose of this workshop is to gather scholars from different disciplines and countries to discuss this tendency and its consequences and to evaluate gender equality in Russia and Eurasia, among others:

- the consequences of and reactions to these policies, such as public debate, academic research and open political protests;

to what extent political and ideological campaigns influence gendered and family practices in Russia, where high rates of women’s employment continue to be the norm;

- what indicators are observed in society regarding the protection of the rights of women and what kind of scholarly debate is ongoing. 

NB! The symposium will be held on Zoom. To take part in the event kindly send an email to

The workshop is organised by the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES), Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology and Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice, all three at Uppsala University, as well as the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) at Södertörn University. 

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