Robbie Kubala: "Aesthetic Obligations and Blame"

The Higher Seminar in Aesthetics

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Robbie Kubala, University of California, Santa Cruz: "Aesthetic Obligations and Blame"

One of the main questions of aesthetic normativity is whether there are aesthetic obligations, over and above aesthetic reasons. Much recent work on this topic has focused on the question of what could ground aesthetic obligations, or account for their normative binding force. But it is worth stepping back to consider arguments for and against the very existence of aesthetic obligation. In this talk, I’ll aim to do three things: (i) propose a general, domain-neutral account of obligation, (ii) critically discuss three negative arguments against the existence of aesthetic obligation, and (iii) start to develop an account of aesthetic blame. If we can make sense of distinctively aesthetic blame, then that indirectly strengthens the case for the existence of aesthetic obligations.