Queer seminar: Being Trans in Videogames

  • Date: –18:00
  • Location: Zoom
  • Lecturer: Josephine Baird, lecturer at the department of game design, Uppsala University
  • Organiser: The Centre for Gender Research
  • Contact person: Nicole Oversen
  • Seminarium

How does videogame design create opportunities and space for the exploration, expression, and embodiment of trans subjectivities?

Welcome to the Queerseminar Being Trans in Videogames: exploration, expression and embodiment in videogame-based-learning

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In this seminar I will introduce the way I am hoping to answer the research question of whether videogame design can create educational opportunities and space for the exploration, expression and embodiment of trans subjectivities. I will use some examples of games you may have heard of and some you might not have, to present how my research will look into if, how - and crucially for whom - videogames might create space to explore trans subjectivities in a potentially safer virtual environment. Are there existing games that do this well, or at all - and do they do it on purpose or by the subversive acts of the players?

Lecturer at the Game Design Department, Uppsala University, as well as a scholar, activist and artist. More information about my work and publications, as well as the weekly podcast I co-present on queer issues, can be found at josephinebaird.com

Queer seminar: Being Trans in Videogames