Quantifiers of Factual Proximity and Counterfactuality in Romance: Un instant après, le train déraillait (‘aurait déraillé’)

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: https://uuse.zoom.us/j/68462595376
  • Lecturer: Hans Kronning
  • Organiser: Romanska seminariet
  • Contact person: Hans Kronning
  • Seminarium

Quantifiers of Factual Proximity (QPF) are a particular kind of constructions (FRENCH: un instant après ‘a moment later’) in Romance languages which function as counterfactual protases and have a propensity for combining with apodoses in the counterfactual Imperfect Indicative denoting axiologically marked eventualities (‘go off the rails’). In this presentation the conceptualization of these quantifiers will be clarified and elaborated. Språk: engelska