Combining academic research and value creation from research outcomes – opportunities and synergies

  • Date: –10:45
  • Location: Zoom
  • Lecturer: Afsaneh Koochek, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Food studies, Nutrition and Dietetics, Helena Danielson, Professor in Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry - BMC, and co-founder of Beactica Therapeutics AB and Christel Bergström, Professor at Department of Pharmacy, Drug Delivery
  • Organiser: Uppsala University Innovation in collaboration with Junior Faculty and the Society for Women Researchers in Uppsala
  • Contact person: Hillevi Englund
  • Seminarium

Meet three researchers who are committed to creating impact with their research in society. Which paths have they chosen and why? What have they learned from their experiences? How can activities aimed at creating value from research outcomes be combined with the pursuit of a research career or even benefit continued research?

Afsaneh Koochek has a wide and unique combination of experiences as a clinical dietician, lecturer, scientist, supervisor and project manager from health care settings, academia, and nutraceutical industry. Her research areas of interest comprise developing novel nutritional therapies in combination with physical activity for maintenance and/or development of functional health and health related quality of life in aging populations.

Helena Danielson’s research has focused on developing and implementing biosensor-based methods for drug discovery. A spin-off company, Beactica Therapeutics AB, exploiting the commercial potential of her research was founded in 2006. In 2019, Helena was awarded the Uppsala University Innovation prize Hjärnäpplet.

Christel Bergström makes use of knowledge of physiological pathways to improve delivery of pharmacologically active compounds to the site of action. With a strong background in pharmaceutics, material sciences, physical chemistry and physiology, her focus is on making use of the right tech with a clinical translation in mind from the beginning. She makes use of advanced computational modelling, develop novel in vitro tools and design new drug carriers in her quest for personalized medicines transforming the current healthcare.

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The seminar is the second of three seminars on 8 March focussing on women's opportunities to fully engage in solving future challenges.

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Combining academic research and value creation from research outcomes – opportunities and synergies