Meeting on the call for Verification for collaboration

This meeting is reaching out to all who are interested in taking their research further and test whether collaboration with stakeholders outside the University is the right way to go.

Right now there’s a call for Verification for collaboration (in Swedish Verifiering för samverkan - VFS) which is a funding form for collaborative projects that are in an early stage.The funds give researchers the opportunity to initiate collaboration with an external party where there is a common interest and mutual benefit from the collaboration. External parties can be companies, public organisations or non-profit organisations. The funding is intended to test - verify - whether the partners have enough in common to build on, for example, to seek additional funding for continued collaboration.

The meeting is held digitally on Zoom and starts with a brief introduction to VFS and how it works and will be followed by a longer session of Q&A. All applications for VFS funds go through the Uppsala University Innovation Partnership Office (Uppsala universitet Samverkan), please get in touch! 

Read more about how to apply for funding.