Value Creation Forum - preparatory seminar

An opportunity for individuals and teams that run research-based innovation projects to further sharpen their value proposition.

Value creation forum is an established method for helping projects teams in the early stages to develop their idea as well as prepare a compelling pitch for meetings with potential customers, investors or partners.

This is a preparatory seminar for a value creation forum. In the seminar you will learn about the NABC model. 

In a value creation forum, you practice to pitch your idea and get, with the help of structured feedback from a qualified feedback panel, the opportunity to improve your presentation. The exercise is based on the NABC model, which serves as a support for defining your idea and thinking through what really makes the idea of value to your intended users or customers. Therefore, the NABC model is also an excellent tool when preparing a presentation since it focuses on the most important parts of an idea: customer needs (Need), solution (Approach), customer benefit (Benefit), and competing solutions (Competition).

For whom?: This seminar is for you who is developing a research-based idea with the support of UU Innovation.

Two-step arrangement: Preparatory seminar for a value creation forum that takes place on 10 December at 10.00-12.00.

Registration: By email to no later than 19 November.

Advisor at UU Innovation with computer in front of a red curtain.