CANCELLED! Academic freedom and responsibility in legal norms and processes

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Carolina Rediviva , Tidskriftsläsesalen (TLS)
  • Lecturer: Annika Nilsson
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  • Organiser: Democracy and Higher Education
  • Contact person: Annika Nilsson
  • Seminarium

Welcome to a seminar on Annika Nilsson’s research project “Academic freedom and responsibility in legal norms and processes”. Democracy and Higher Education holds regular seminars where researchers discuss work in progress.

This project furthers knowledge and understanding of legal and institutional guarantees for protection and limitation of academic freedom. Through legal scientific analysis, the project contributes to broadened interdisciplinary knowledge about the role and conditions of academia and the academic profession in a democratic rule-of-law state today.

The project reveals how academic freedom is defined in law, how it is protected and limited through Swedish law and legal processes, and how legislators and courts, as well as the universities themselves, balance academic freedom against other interests. This involves, among other things, ensuring research quality and research integrity, or assessment of academic freedom in the communication of research that could be perceived as offensive by recipient individuals or groups. The project involves analyses and problematization of the universities' democratic task and role, as well as the balancing of academic freedom against other societal interests and rights in legal norms and processes.

Annika Nilsson is Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at the Department of Law.