Senaste publikationer från samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten

  • Forslund, Tommie; Peltola, Mikko. J; Brocki, Karin C.

    Disorganized attachment representations, externalizing behavior problems, and socioemotional competences in early school-age

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    The public-private partnership (PPP) disaster of a new hospital - expected political and existing business interaction patterns

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    Lost in Translation: Video Games Becoming Cultural Heritage?

    Ingår i Cultural Sociology, 2019.

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    The Decline of Organizational Sociology? An empirical analysis of research trends in leading journals across half a century

    Ingår i Current Sociology, 2019.

  • Polanska, Dominika; Richard, Åse

    Narratives of a fractured trust in the Swedish model: Tenants’ emotions of renovation

    Ingår i Culture Unbound. Journal of Current Cultural Research, s. 141-164, 2019.

    Open access
  • Thapar-Björkert, Suruchi; Farahani, Fataneh

    Epistemic modalities of racialised knowledge production in the Swedish academy

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  • Söderström, Johanna

    Seeking Recognition, Becoming Citizens: Achievements and Grievances among Former Combatants from Three Wars

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    Kinematic characteristics of second-order motor planning and performance in 6- and 10-year-old children and adults: Effects of age and task constraints

    Ingår i Developmental Psychobiology, 2019.

  • Sandvik, Pernilla; Ek, Anna; Eli, Karin; Somaraki, Maria et al.

    Picky eating in an obesity intervention for preschool-aged children - what role does it play, and does the measurement instrument matter?

    Ingår i International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2019.

    Open access
  • Michalski, Anna; Pan, Zhongqi

    Theoretical Perspectives of Strategic Partnerships

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    Did industrialisation lead to segregation in cities of the nineteenth century?: The case of Uppsala 1880-1900

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    Overcoming Dissent: Socialization in the EU's Political and Security Committee in a Context of Crisis

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    Schools can be supporting environments in disadvantaged neighborhoods

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    Ingår i Experimental Brain Research, 2019.

    Open access
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    Intersections of inequality in homeownership in Sweden

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    Open access
  • Poblete, Leon; Frank, Cespedes

    How B2B Companies Can Win Back Customers They’ve Lost

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    Who Moves to Whom?: Gender Differences in the Distance Moved to a Shared Residence

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    Open access
  • Erixson, Oscar; Ohlsson, Henry

    Estate division: equal sharing, exchange motives, and Cinderella effects

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    Open access
  • Pettersson, Johanna

    Gränser blir både hårdare och mer vidsträckta

    Ingår i Respons : recensionstidskrift för humaniora & samhällsvetenskap, 2019.

  • Jansson, Johan

    The online forum as a digital space of curation

    Ingår i Geoforum, s. 115-124, 2019.

    Open access
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    The autonomy of struggles and the self-management of squats: legacies of intertwined movements

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    Open access
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    Navigating precarious visibility: Ugandan sexual minorities on twitter

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    Are Religions for Sale?: Evidence from the Swedish Church Revolt Over Same-Sex Marriage

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    Why Do I Need Leadership Training?

    Ingår i Personal in Hochschule und Wissenschaft entwickeln, s. 71 71-81 81, 2019.

    Open access
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    Education, Family Background, and Political Knowledge: A Test of the Compensation Hypothesis with Identical Twins

    Ingår i Political science, 2019.

    Open access
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    Superdiversity, population health and health care: opportunities and challenges in a changing world

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    Ingår i SPORTS, 2019.

    Open access
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    Organized violence, 1989-2018 and peace agreements

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    Open access
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    Self-censorship of regime support in authoritarian states: Evidence from list experiments in China

    Ingår i Res Rhetorica, 2019.

    Open access
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    A natural meditation setting improves compliance with mindfulness training

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    Invisibility of Racism in the Global Neoliberal Era: Implications for Researching Racism in Healthcare

    Ingår i Frontiers in Sociology, 2019.

    Open access
  • Myhr, Peter; Hursti, Timo; Emanuelsson, Katarina; Löfgren, Elina et al.

    Can the Attention Training Technique Reduce Stress in Students?: A Controlled Study of Stress Appraisals and Meta-Worry

    Ingår i Frontiers in Psychology, 2019.

    Open access
  • Kourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter; Romao, Joao

    Cultural Heritage Appraisal by Visitors to Global Cities: The Use of Social Media and Urban Analytics in Urban Buzz Research

    Ingår i Sustainability, 2019.

    Open access
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    Objective and Subjective Determinants of Self-Rated Health in Central and Eastern Europe: A Multilevel Approach

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    Cultural heritage, smart cities and digital data analytics

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    Precarious employment, business performance and occupational injuries: a study protocol of a register-based Swedish project

    Ingår i BMJ Open, 2019.

    Open access
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    The role of head and hand movements for infants' predictions of others' actions

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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Kulturdebatt: Såhär firar en liberal nationalist sjätte juni

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    Introduction: Importance of methodological diversity for innovation system studies


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    Open access
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    How trust in EU institutions is linked to trust in national institutions: Explaining confidence in EU governance among national-level public officials

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    Open access
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    Strategies of austerity used in needs assessments for personal assistance - Changing Swedish social policy for persons with disabilities

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    Open access
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    Violence in the city that belongs to no one: urban distinctiveness and interconnected insecurities in Nairobi (Kenya)

    Ingår i Conflict, Security and Development, s. 347-370, 2019.

    Open access
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    Comparison of publication-level approaches to ex-post citation normalization

    Ingår i Scientometrics, s. 283-300, 2019.

    Open access
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    When children with substance-abusing parents grow up and become parents themselves: A commentary

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    Open access
  • Näsman, Elisabet

    Professionals do not invite children to disclose family problems: A comment

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    Open access
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    Open access
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  • Ottosson, Jan; Magnusson, Lars


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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Demokratins fortsatta möjlighet

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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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    Open access
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