Tjänstepensionen möter EU-rätten: Om relationen mellan svenska kollektivavtal och den inre marknaden

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  • Plats: Sal IX, Universitetshuset, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala
  • Doktorand: Johansson, Caroline
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  • Arrangör: Juridiska institutionen
  • Kontaktperson: Johansson, Caroline
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The main focus of the thesis regards the relation between the Swedish collectively bargained, occupational pension and EU internal market law.

The occupational pension constitutes an important part of the total pension for most employees in Sweden. The large part of the occupational pension plans are decided through collective agreement on confederate level and the social partners are given a large scope regarding contributions, requirements and administration. The aim of the thesis is to describe how they interrelate and identify tensions between the two. Before that, the Swedish occupational pension is examined. First, a historical account is given regarding both the occupational and the public pension. Thereafter, the occupational pension’s modern structure is analysed, set out from the pension plan for white collar workers in the private sector. The occupational pension then serves as the basis for the analysis of the EU internal market law. This part contains one chapter on competition law and collective agreements, one chapter on the free movement of financial services and one chapter on the free movement of workers and occupational pension rights. To conclude, the thesis connects to overarching questions regarding the scope for different welfare solutions within the EU.