Workshop: Queer and Transgender Reproduction with ART: Legal, Cultural and Socioeconomic Challenges

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  • Plats: Centrum för genusvetenskap Karin Westman Berg-rummet
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  • Arrangör: Dr. Doris Leibetseder - forskare på Centrum för genusvetenskap
  • Kontaktperson: Doris Leibetseder
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This international, interdisciplinary workshop with legal, gender and social science experts on the use of reproductive technologies and their regulation will explore what the challenges for queer and transgender reproduction are and how they might be solved.

Changes in the legal access to ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) for queer and transgender people in different countries have created both challenges and possibilities for reproduction of LGBTQ-people. Some queer and transgender people circumvent restrictive laws (not only concerning LGBTQ access to ART, but also limiting the technological access by age, relationship status and class) in their own country and make use of fertility travels. However, still in many cases those either travelling or using local ARTs experience legal and administrative problems with birth and parental certificates.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for the experts to present their diverse views and research findings on the subject; secondly, to create an interdisciplinary network, and thirdly, to develop together a larger common project on this topic.