Dis/connection: Conflicts, Activism and Reciprocity Online and Beyond

  • Datum: –16.30
  • Plats: Humanistiska teatern
  • Föreläsare: Annette Markham, Professor of Information Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark and Affiliate Professor of Digital Ethics in the School of Communication at Loyola University, Chicago. Adam Fish, filmmaker and Senior Lecturer at the Sociology Department at Lancaster University.
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  • Arrangör: Cultural Matters Group, the Department of Sociology and Uppsala Forum for Democracy, Peace and Justice
  • Kontaktperson: David Redmalm
  • Telefon: 0707485029
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Two open lectures with Annette Markham and Adam Fish on the theory and politics of a dis/connected digitalized society.

13:15 Annette Markham, "Pinging the Self: Echolocation as a Theory of Connection and Disconnection"

15:15 Adam Fish, "Anthropology/Atmosphere/Anthropocene: Drones, Disruptive Justice, and the Disruption of the Earth"

The event is arranged by The Cultural Matters Group at the Department of Sociology, with support from Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice. The lectures are part of a two-day symposium on the theme of dis/connection.