Social Cohesion and Political Developments in Contemporary Georgia

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with Prof. Oliver Reisner (Ilia State University, Georgia)

In his talk Prof. Reisner will introduce some major trajectories and cleavages on the issue of general reciprocity and political loyalties in Georgia's recent past. Therefore, he will rely on data from the World Value Survey as well the Caucasus Barometer (Caucasus Resource Research Centre, Tbilisi). Together with his direct observations from Georgia's political and social development since 1988 Prof. Reisner will then try to analyse some current events as cases for the state of social cohesion in Georgia today. Prof. Reisner will not be able to provide conclusive answers yet, but hopes to develop a conceptual framework contributing to a better understanding of post-Soviet Georgia's development. This research is part of a project started in March 2019 and funded by the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.

Oliver Reisner received his PhD degree from the Georg August University Göttingen (Germany) for a thesis on nation building in late 19th - early 20th century Georgia. Between 2000 until 2003 he worked as a coordinator for a then new post-graduate MA programme "Central Asia / Caucasus" at the Department for Central Asian Studies at Humboldt University Berlin. From July 2005 until August 2015 Prof. Reisner was a project manager in the Operations Section at the EU Delegation to Georgia dealing with issues like democracy support, civil society development, education, youth and minority issues as well as monitoring and evaluation. Since September 2015 he has been back in academia at Ilia State University (Georgia) teaching European and Caucasian Studies. From September 2016 until August 2019 he was a Jean Monnet professor at the same university. Prof. Reisner is a visiting fellow at IRES until October 11.

Prof. Reisner’s field of current research is a book project on "Remembering the Soviet Past in Georgia" covering different forms of commemoration in Georgian society and the state. Besides he is dealing with issues of "Europeanisation", on how Georgia is appropriating certain concepts and instruments from the EU in its domestic environment.