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  • Föreläsare: Monika Fludernik
  • Kontaktperson: Julie Hansen
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Narrative Factuality: Diachronic and Intercultural Perspectives

The presentation will present preliminary insights garnered from the essays in the forthcoming handbook Narrative Factuality that Monika Fludernik has been editing with Marie-Laure Ryan and that will appear in 2019 with deGruyter. The handbook includes three essays on, respectively, classical, medieval and early modern narrative, and essays on Chinese, Japanese, Buddhist/Jain, Persian, Arabic and Kenyan narratives and their approach to the question of factuality. Monika Fludernik is Professor of English at the University of Freiburg in Germany. Her publications include The Fictions of Language and the Languages of Fiction (1993), Towards a 'Natural' Narratology (1996), An Introduction to Narratology (2009), and Metaphors of Confinement. The Prison in Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy (2019). She has (co-)edited several special issues of journals (on second-person fiction, Style 1994; on metaphor, Poetics Today 1999; on voice, New Literary History 2001; on German narratology, Style 2004; on description, Style 2014; on New Historicism, Poetics Today 2014). She has also edited a number of collections of essays, among them: Idleness, Indolence and Leisure in English Literature (with Miriam Nandy, 2014); Beyond Cognitive Metaphor Theory: Perspectives on Literary Metaphor (2011); Postclassical Narratology: New Essays (with Jan Alber, 2010); In the Grip of the Law: Prisons, Trials, and the Space Between (2004, with Greta Olson); Diaspora and Multiculturalism (2003); Hybridity and Postcolonialism (1998). In print (with Miriam Nandi) Idleness, Indolence and Leisure in English Literature (Palgrae 2014). Her essays have appeared, among others, in Anglia, Arial, Diacritics, English Literary History, English Studies, Narrative, New Literary History, Poetica, Semiotica, Style, Textual Practice.