Take Off: Impact stories (ONLINE)

Det här är det sjätte och sista frukostseminariet i Take Off - en ny seminarieserie om nyttiggörande och forskningens genomslag i samhället. Seminarieserien är öppen för doktorander, postdoktorer och forskare från samtliga vetenskapsområden. Seminarierna ges på engelska.

Impact stories

What can we learn from how others have pursued their impact journeys? Meet researchers who are committed to creating impact with their research in society. Which paths have they chosen and why? What have they learned from their experiences and are there any tips and tricks for successful utilisation of research?

About Take Off

Have breakfast with Uppsala University Innovation and at the same time build your skills to improve impact in society. The seminar series - Take Off - includes six seminars, every second Wednesday from 15 January to 25 March. You can choose to attend all seminars, or just a few based on your needs.

In the seminar series you will learn about key aspects of creating impact, beyond publications. The seminars will give you a step-by-step introduction to the concept of impact, and provide you with tools for defining the potential impact of your research. In addition, you will learn how to successfully communicate the impact of your research and what support is available to help you on your journey towards impact.

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Take Off: Impact stories (ONLINE)