Diane Goldstein: "Dead Chickens and Sneeze Spies"

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Diane Goldstein: "Dead Chickens and Sneeze Spies – Imagined Lay People, Expert Misinformation and Epidemiological Rumor Surveillance"

In this lecture, renowned US folklorist Diane Goldstein discusses how epidemiologists use (and misunderstand) rumor. The topic represents a longstanding interest in stigmatized illnesses, AIDS and HIV in particular; health beliefs and cultural issues in healthcare; risk perception and management; public health law; rumor and epidemic control, and health narratives. Goldstein has worked extensively with health priority-setting and health policy, and published several books on HIV/AIDS, merging these interests in a three-year appointment to the Canadian national Planning and Priorities Forum for HIV/AIDS in 1994–1997.

Diane Goldstein is currently a Professor of Folklore at Indiana University, Bloomington, the foremost department of folklore in the United States, she also worked for many years at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. During her distinguished career, she has also studied folk religion and belief, applied folklore and disaster narratives.

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