Take Off: Plan your impact journey, part I (ONLINE)

Det tredje av sex frukostseminarier i Take Off - en ny seminarieserie på engelska om forskningens genomslag och användning utanför akademin. Öppna för doktorander, postdoktorer och samtliga forskare. Föranmälan krävs.

Plan your impact journey, part I

Are you aware that as a researcher you fully own the rights to your research results? In this seminar we will discuss how to identify the intellectual assets of your research, and how to protect them – if possible. Get familiar with terms like the professor’s privilege, intellectual asset management (IAM) and intellectual property (IP) and learn what to do – and when – to maximize the impact potential of your research results.

About Take Off
The seminar series - Take Off - includes six seminars, every other week from 18 March to 27 May 2020. You will learn about key aspects of creating impact, beyond publications. The seminars will give you a step-by-step introduction to the concept of impact, and provide you with tools for defining the potential impact of your research. In addition, you will learn how to successfully communicate the impact of your research and what support is available to help you on your journey towards impact.

More information about Take Off and link to registration.

Take Off: Plan your impact journey, part I (ONLINE)