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Joint Calibration of a Cladding Oxidation and a Hydrogen Pick-up Model for Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB

Knowledge regarding a nuclear power plants potential and limitations are of utmost importance when working in the nuclear field. One way to extend our knowledge is using fuel performance codes that to its best ability mimics the real-world phenomena.

Fuel performance codes involve a system of interlinked and complex models to predict the thermomechanical behaviour of fuel rods in nuclear reactors. These models use several different model parameters that can be imprecise and therefore the parameters need to be fitted/calibrated against measurement data and uncertainties.

Many models are independent and can be calculated separately, but some models are also heavily dependent on each other. One example is the oxidation and hydrogen pickup of the Zirconium cladding around the fuel rods. Currently, the oxidation and the hydrogen pick up are modelled differently, but they are heavily dependent on each other, therefore the current models tend to be very conservative.

This thesis presents methods to calibrate the model parameters in a systematic, fast and accurate way compared to some previous methods. The case where these methods has been tested are the oxidation and hydrogen pickup of the Zirconium cladding around the fuel rods.

Handledare: Gustav Robertson, Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB
Ämnesgranskare: Henrik Sjöstrand, Uppsala universitet
Examinator: Petra Jönsson, Uppsala universitet
Opponent: Emma Ekberg Berry