Exjobbspresentation - Emma Ekberg Berry

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  • Föreläsare: Emma Ekberg Berry
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Analys av drivdonsslitage vid Forsmarks kärnkraftverk

This master thesis is done within the Energy Systems Engineering program at Uppsala University and performed for Forsmarks Kraftgrupp, Vattenfall. Forsmark is a nuclear power plant that consists of three BWR units and is an important component of the Swedish power system. An important part of the system inside the nuclear power plant is the control rod drives, which controls the motion of the
control rods inside the core to adjust the power production of the plant. Currrently the wear of the control rod drives has increased thus the economic costs due to the wear increases.

The aim of this thesis is to analyse the current wear of the control rod drives at Forsmark 1 and Forsmark 2. Moreover the thesis presents possible reasons for the origin of the wear together with derived methods for possible identifications of wear in the control rod drives at an early stage, which is analysed in the simulation program MATLAB. Furthermore the report presents a new maintenance
plan for the control rod drives at Forsmark 1 and Forsmark 2 based on the evaluation of the current wear together with knowledgement from other nuclear power plants regarding an optimal maintenance plan for the control rod drives.

Handledare: Caroline Bohlin och Mikael Seppälä, Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB
Ämnesgranskare: Mattias Lantz, Uppsala universitet
Examinator: Petra Jönsson, Uppsala universitet
Opponent: Joakim Nyman