Experiences of Maternal Birth Injuries: How Gender and Sexuality Norms Affect Diagnostics, Everyday Life and Healthcare in Sweden

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  • Föreläsare: Sara Persson
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  • Arrangör: Centrum för genusvetenskap
  • Kontaktperson: Nicole Ovesen
  • Seminarium

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Abstract: Maternal birth injuries are common in Sweden and can lead to several complications. My thesis explores experiences of maternal birth injuries by those who have or have had an injury, focusing on how gender and sexuality norms affect diagnostics, everyday life and healthcare in Sweden. The empirical material consists of 383 answers to an online questionnaire. A majority of the participants have sought care for their complications, but many experienced an attitude wherein maternal birth injuries are seen as something normal and did not receive sufficient care. Healthcare personnel and studies by governmental institutions, such as the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), also address that postpartum care is lacking in Sweden and that more knowledge and resources are needed. In the seminar, I will present the main results of my thesis and discuss why the care is lacking, based on theories on how bodies are viewed and valued in Western society, especially in connection to the social construction of health and illness in relation to gender and reproduction.

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