Narrating the Medieval Past in Muscovite Chronicles

  • Datum: –15.00
  • Plats: Zoom
  • Föreläsare: Alexandra Vukovich, Oxford University
  • Arrangör: Milan Vukašinović
  • Kontaktperson: Milan Vukašinović
  • Seminarium

Retramcing Connections - Greek and Byzantine Studies Seminar

Byzance après Byzance is the paradigm that has often described the perceived continuation of Byzantine imperial culture (whether religious, political, or intellectual) in the centuries after the 1453 fall of Constantinople. The Byzantine inheritance, reception, or transfer of Byzantine style and culture to Rus and Muscovy has received attention and scholars have pointed to the vast array of Byzantine texts, objects, and people who eventually arrived in the Eurasian north in the early-modern period. It was in the post-Mongol period that chronicle writing continued in a Muscovite context. It is generally understood that the Muscovite period simply interpolated earlier chronicles (those of Rus) and the notion of continuity was central to this undertaking. And yet continuity served as a powerful device, shaping information about the past for contemporary objectives. This seminar will explore some of the methods of this treatment of historical information, both via the reshaping of local sources and via interpolations from Byzantine or South Slavonic texts.