Prof. Carmelo Vázquez: “Human Resilience and Positive Emotions in Facing Adversity: Some Insights on Emotion Regulation Mechanisms”

  • Datum: –13.00
  • Plats: Seminarium via Zoom (kontakta Patricia Gil Paterna eller Emma Heeman för länk)
  • Föreläsare: Prof. Carmelo Vázquez, Complutense University of Madrid ( )
  • Arrangör: Institutionen för Psykologi, Avdelningen för emotionspsykologi
  • Kontaktperson: Patricia Gil Paterna
  • Seminarium

Avdelningen för emotionspsykologis seminarieserie

Final Emotion Division Seminar Series VT2023 by Prof. Carmelo Vázquez

Carmelo Vázquez is a Professor of Psychopathology at the Faculty of Psychology of UCM, where he leads the research group Psychopathology of Affective and Psychotic Disorders. Before he obtained his professorship, he worked as a postdoc at Northwestern University -with Lauren B. Alloy-, and as a guest researcher at Harvard University and San Diego State University.

Vázquez' research group investigates the impact that positive emotions and resilience factors might have across different psychopathologies. They use different methodological approaches, such as clinical and experimental paradigms, and interventions, such as Mindfulness.
Their scientific work covers clinical, developmental, and cognitive psychology.