Joscha Legewie awarded the 2019 Hans L. Zetterberg Prize

22 May 2019

Joscha Legewie is awarded the Hans L. Zetterberg prize.

Joscha Legewie is awarded the Hans L. Zetterberg prize for his innovative studies within classic and central fields in sociology, including, race, education, and criminology.

Joscha Legewie is awarded the prize for having shown in a series of studies that we can gain new insights about social processes by posing novel research questions, and combining theory and empirical material in a creative way. His empirical analyses are enhanced by the use of different types of natural experiments and big data.

Joscha Legewie is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Harvard University.

The Hans L. Zetterberg Prize is awarded to “young researchers, from Sweden or elsewhere, who have advanced the research front with their academic work, preferably by fruitfully combining theory and practice”. The award shall be presented annually and considered international.

The prize ceremony will take place in Uppsala on September 18, 2019.

About the prize

The award has been made possible through a donation from Hans L. Zetterberg’s family: his wife Karin Busch Zetterberg; son Martin C. Zetterberg and daughter Anne D. Zetterberg. The donation also covers furnishing and books in the Hans L. Zetterberg Room at the Department of Sociology at Uppsala University. Hans L. Zetterberg (1927–2014) studied sociology in Uppsala and was one of Torgny Segerstedt’s first students in the new subject which was first taught in Sweden in 1947. He worked at the Department of Sociology at Uppsala University for several years (Licentiate of Arts 1952).