Distinguished Teaching Awards 2020 announced

5 June 2020

Christine Mackay Tircomnicu

Christine Mackay Tircomnicu was surprised to learn that she had been awarded the Independent Pedagogical Award when deputy vice-chancellor Anders Malmberg entered an ongoing Zoom meeting.

This year’s winners of Uppsala University’s Distinguished Teaching Awards teach subjects in the fields of pedagogy, political science, surgery and chemistry. The Independent Pedagogical Award has been awarded to Christine Mackay Tircomnicu of the Department of English for her work on constructive, developmental feedback.

Pedagogical Award winners are nominated by students and colleagues. The final laureates are appointed by the vice-chancellor based on proposals from a drafting group consisting of eight teachers and eight students. This year, 144 nominations were received. The prize sum is SEK 20,000.

Award winners and justifications:

Martin Karlberg
Martin Karlberg, senior lecturer at the Department of
Education is congratulated with a bouquet.

Senior lecturer Martin Karlberg of the Department of Education has been awarded the 2020 Pedagogical Award in the field of Theology, Humanities and Educational Sciences.
Martin Karlberg has an ability to illustrate and visualise complex elements of knowledge thus rendering them comprehensible. Students and colleagues testify to his exceptional ability to meet students at all levels. He reacts to course evaluations by instituting constructive changes to courses, distance learning and contract education.

Senior lecturer Shirin Ahlbäck Öberg of the Department of Government has been awarded the 2020 Pedagogical Award in the field of Law and Social Sciences.
Shirin Ahlbäck Öberg teaches courses of the highest calibre at both first and second-cycle levels. She has an ability to reach students, to make the complicated comprehensible and the humdrum interesting. Shirin demonstrates that it is possible to combine extensive teaching with a great many important collegial positions of trust. Shirin is a dedicated and open teacher who is much appreciated by students and colleagues alike, both within and beyond the boundaries of her own department.

Adjunct lecturer Albert Christersson of the Department of Surgical Sciences has been awarded the 2020 Pedagogical Award in the field of Medicine and Pharmacy.
With a professional attitude and enormous commitment to his teaching, Albert Christersson creates a positive, creative and constantly evolving learning environment. With receptiveness, respect for the individual and their differences and continuous feedback, he makes every student feel seen. He combines theory with clinical skill in a manner that ensures that students are well-prepared for their future professional roles.

Professor Mikael Widersten of the Department of Chemistry (BMC) has been awarded the 2020 Pedagogical Award in the field of Mathematics, Science and Technology.
Mikael Widersten combines high ambition with the ability to create trusting communication with his students. He continuously develops the content and pedagogy of his courses, thus contributing the his student’s advanced learning. Mikael is pedagogical, inclusive and transparent in his leadership, creating an inspirational environment for students and colleagues alike.

Independent Pedagogical Award

Lecturer Christine Mackay Tircomnicu of the Department of English has been awarded the 2020 Independent Pedagogical Award on the theme of feedback to students.
Christine Mackay Tircomnicu is a dedicated teacher who motivates her students and creates a positive climate for learning. She combines high standards with constructive, developmental feedback that motivates and stimulates students. Christine’s transparent assessment criteria linked to intended learning outcomes provide students with concrete guidelines to reinforcing their progress and results.