Uppsala professor in reference group for the Coronavirus and the economy

18 August 2020

Portrait of Eva Mörk.

Eva Mörk, Professor at Department of Economics.

The government has appointed a reference group of economics researchers to examine the economic consequences of the Coronavirus. The group will provide advice to the finance minister and hold regular meetings during 2020.

One of the reference group’s members is Eva Mörk, professor of economics at Uppsala University. She was contacted by the finance minister’s undersecretary who said they would really like to include her in the work.

“I am looking forward to the discussions with the many smart people in the group. I hope we can provide good research-based advice that can help the economy get started again and that groups which need help can receive it,” says Eva Mörk.

Reference group

The reference group will look at structural and stabilisation policy based on the serious economic situation resulting from the virus outbreak.

Members, in addition to Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson, who serves as chair, are:

  • Professor Lars Calmfors, Macro Economics, Stockholm University
  • Professor Karolina Ekholm, International Economics, Stockholm University
  • Professor Olof Johansson-Stenman, Public Economics, University of Gothenburg
  • Professor Eva Mörk, Labour Market Economics, Uppsala University
  • Professor Daniel Waldenström, Economic Inequality, Research Institute of Industrial Economics
  • Associate Professor Robert Östling, Behavioural Economics, Stockholm School of Economics