New study programme integrates international law and business

29 March 2022


The new Master’s Programme in International and European Law and Business will be provided at the Department of Business Studies.

Autumn 2022 will see the start of a completely new one-year Master’s programme in which international and European commercial law are integrated with business economics and administration. The plan is for the students, through studies of realistic and didactic cases, to learn an integral approach to legal and business aspects of running a company.

“Our ambition is to integrate interdisciplinary teaching at all levels, which is relatively unique in a Swedish context. The challenge will be to generate a synthesis by combining the two subjects. We often use ‘1 + 1 = 3’ as an analogy. We want to create something that’s more than the sum of its parts,” says Hajo Michael Holtz of the Department of Business Studies, who is also the director of the new Programme.

The plan is to integrate commercial law and business fully throughout the teaching. This is to be achieved by various methods, including teachers from the various disciplines working in teams. One teacher from each subject will take part in seminars.

“Students will also be presented with representative cases from real life in which, for instance, one company is in a legal dispute with another. The students will perform analyses of the case from both a business and a commercial law perspective,” Holtz says.

Increasingly complex world

The cases may be taken from such sources as the case law of the European Court of Justice.

Hajo Michael Holtz
Hajo Michael Holtz of the Department of Business
Studies is the director of the new Programme.
Photo: Michael Wallerstedt

“We believe that this interdisciplinary, holistic view is essential in an increasingly complex world, and that the programme can prepare students well for working in European and international business. We’re aiming for a heterogeneous student composition, with half coming from business economics and administration and half having a background in law or commercial law. That way, we can make the approach interdisciplinary and, what’s more, one in which the students can help one another.”

The programme will prepare the students for a wide range of career opportunities in companies and organisations that work internationally or within Europe. Possible occupations include, for example, entrepreneurship, global analysis and policy management at government agencies.

Interest in the programme has been keen among international students, and registration is now open to Swedish students.

Master's Programme in International and European Law and Business

The one-year, full-time Master's Programme in International and European Law and Business will be provided at the campus in Uppsala. All the teaching and course literature will be in English.

The Programme will confer a Master of Social Science degree (60 higher education credits), with commercial law as the main subject.

The closing date for applications is 19 April, and the programme will start in the Autumn Semester of 2022.