SYLFF postdoctoral fellowships 2023 – call for applications

This call for applications for postdoctoral fellowships of SEK 350,000 per annum (exempt from tax) is open to researchers who are in the early stages of their academic careers and linked to Uppsala University’s Faculty of Social Sciences. These fellowships are funded by the return on assets in the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (Sylff). This Fund’s goal is to nurture future leaders who distinguish themselves by crossing geopolitical, religious, ethnic and cultural boundaries, and also work in the global arena, actively pursuing peace and prosperity.

The purpose of the fellowships is to promote young social science researchers in their scientific careers and international networking. Fellows are expected to engage in research during the fellowship period, which is normally three years. A Fellow is also expected to stay at one or more research institutions abroad (normally for at least six months). The fellowship is awarded for one year at a time and may be extended after a renewed application. A full fellowship is intended to cover living expenses. In addition, insurance (endowment, life and accident, and, in certain special cases, travel insurance) is included, as is a supplementary grant (a maximum of SEK 30,000 per annum) for verified travel costs associated with longer stays abroad. No per diem allowance is payable. The supplementary grant is intended to cover direct travel expenses and also accommodation costs associated with shorter foreign stays. The fellowship cannot be held at the same time as other grants, fellowships or scholarships intended to cover salary or living costs. A Fellow may be engaged in other employment or work, such as teaching or other institutional tasks, at the equivalent of 20% of full-time working hours, while holding the fellowship.

The fellowship period is 2023-01-01 – 2023-12-31.


To be eligible to apply for the fellowships, candidates must have gained their doctorate at a faculty of social sciences since 1 January 2017. In addition, the applicant must be affiliated to the Faculty of Social Sciences at Uppsala by either:

(1) having obtained a doctorate at Uppsala University or

(2) holding a position linked to a Department or Institute in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Uppsala or

(3) holding a research grant linked to a Department or Institute in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Uppsala.

Those eligible for a fellowship must intend to mainly complete their research at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Uppsala University.


Applicants will be selected on the basis of:

(1) demonstrated research proficiency

(2) submitted research project and/or research plan proposals

(3) degree of internationalisation: research plans should briefly describe how applicants intend to develop their international research contacts (conference attendance, stays at foreign research institutions etc.)

(4) compliance with Sylff’s objectives (see above).


The application must take the form of a proposal for a research project and include a research plan (max. 2,500 words) covering the fellowship period (max. three years). In addition, the application must include a planned budget, with a detailed cost calculation for stays abroad with respect to travel expenses for the first year. How the proposed research is linked to Sylff’s objectives should also be made clear.

The scholarships are awarded by the Sylff committee. The members of the Committee, which also assesses the applications, are researchers from different disciplines of the Faculty of Social Sciences. It is therefore particularly important that the application is designed so that it can be read and understood by even those members of the Committee that are not specialised in the subject or area of the research project.

Avoid scientific jargon, and pay particular attention to why the research project is important and interesting, in-scientific and, where appropriate, in-scientific.

Applications, addressed to the Sylff committee, should be submitted electronically to and must be received on 9 November 2022 at the latest

Download the application form for postdoctoral fellowships 2022 from Box (in Swedish).


The SYLFF Committee will meet on 16 November to decide on the distribution of grants 2023.

For further information, contact Norah Avielle.

Last modified: 2022-10-04