The Hans L. Zetterberg Prize in Sociology

The Hans L. Zetterberg Prize in Sociology is awarded annually to young researchers from Sweden or abroad, who with their scholarly work in sociology, preferably by fruitfully combining theory and practice, have advanced the research front. The prize sum is SEK 100,000 (USD 11,000 or EUR 9,500).

About Hans L. Zetterberg

Hans L. Zetterberg (1927–2014) was a professor of sociology who during his career held positions at Columbia University as well as Ohio State University. In addition to his academic work, Zetterberg was also a publicist who, among other things, published the English translation of Max Weber’s text Economy and Society. 1987–1988 he served as the chair of WAPOR (World Association for Public Opinion Research).

Call for nominations for the 2022 Hans L. Zetterberg Prize

Uppsala University invites you to nominate one or several candidates for the Hans L. Zetterberg Prize in Sociology to be awarded to a younger researcher, Swedish or foreign, who, with his/her scientific work in sociology, preferably through fruitful combination of theory and practice, has moved the research front forward.

The prize is for a younger researcher (40 years or less the year the prize is awarded), who through published works has reached an acknowledged position but who is not at the end of his/her research achievement/career. The prize is to be awarded yearly and considered international. The sum to be given is SEK 100 000 (currently about US$ 10,000/ € 9,000), made possible by a donation from the Zetterberg family, the first for Sociology at Uppsala University.

The nomination letter should be short and concise, and include a full C.V. of the person you nominate.

Deadline for submitting nominations is May 30 2022Please send the nomination to The Faculty of Social Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden

Download the call for nominations.

Anders Sundell is awarded the Zetterberg prize for 2021

The political scientist Anders Sundell is awarded the prize for augmenting the field of political sociology by approaching it from a broad social science perspective. His research spans several fields, and includes election studies, succession order, and the study of fundamental norms and values. Not least his contribution to examining the relationship between informally grown norms and formal systems of rules deserves attention. Sundell has published in the most prominent scientific journals at the same time as he has actively participated in the public conversation in a true enlightenment spirit. He is in a praiseworthy manner able to explain and put research results in contexts that make them accessible to the public.

The prize will be presented during a ceremony in mid-March 2022.

Anders Sundell CV

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